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Migrants enter Mexico after clashes with security forces

Central American migrants entered Mexico in small groups on Saturday from  Guatemala after brief clashes in the morning when dozens of them tried to cross the border by force and  National Guard forces forced them back.

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Hundreds of people who entered Guatemala from  Honduras  in recent days, part of a larger caravan that is still advancing, have been arriving at the Mexican border, testing Mexico’s determination to meet the United States demand   to contain the flows of migrants

After the clashes, Mexican security forces closed the border at the junction between  Tecún Umán,  Guatemala and  Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. But once order was restored, Mexico began allowing groups of approximately 20 to enter, a Reuters witness said.

The Mexican government has offered work to migrants from the caravan that left the Honduran city of  San Pedro Sula, but those who do not accept it will not be granted safe-conduct if they wish to reach the United States.

Guatemalan authorities said about 4,000 people had arrived in the Central American country in recent days.

This is the largest wave of people since the US president,  Donald Trump, had Guatemala, Honduras, and  El Salvador sign immigration agreements that increased pressure on them.

Many migrants seek to escape poverty, violence or other social problems in  Central America. However, although some have expressed interest in staying in Mexico, many are eager to take risks in the United States.

Television images showed Saturday a group of migrants pushing and confronting members of the Mexican National Guard on the bridge that separates Guatemala from Mexico. The order was quickly restored, the Reuters witness said.

Women carrying small children could be seen in front of the group on the bridge. Later, the Guatemalan government issued a statement saying that some people were using children to try to secure entry and offered to repatriate migrants.

Subsequently, many retired to Guatemalan territory to await the arrival of the main caravan behind them.

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