The Legend of the old lady from “Los Sábalos” road


Like many places in Sinaloa and all over Mexico, Escuinapa has its own stories of paranormal events, among which the legend of an old woman that appears at nightfall in the road to Los Sábalos.

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This story has been told for years by fishermen in the municipality, who say that this woman gets “perched” on the grills of their bicycles when they go out fishing at night.

Julio César López Oliva is a 30 year old man dedicated to fishing, and all this time he has traveled the path of Los Sábalos, although in his walk he claims to have never witnessed the Old Lady appearance, he knows the story.

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The elder fishermen talk about an old woman that show up on that road, and since most of the people there use bicycles to go to the shrimp boats, they adapt their bicycles with some kind of a grill to transport merchandise.

It is there that it is said that this old lady appears, which many people have already seen or “felt” her.

It is said that when the people of the marsh come or go trough that road at night, they suddenly feel something heavy fall on the grill of their bikes, and those who have dared to turn to see what it is, have seen the old lady.

A resident of Escuinapa, comments that no one has ever known why this woman appears, and although little by little this story has been somewhat forgotten, the “old lady” shows up to remind the people of Escuinapa of her legend.

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According to witnesses, the “old lady” has been seen lately, but it is indeed a very old tale that has been told over the years.

With a length of 10 kilometers, the Los Sabalos road is one of the main roads that lead to fishing areas of the municipality, such as El Puente de la Mojarra, Puerta de México, among others.

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Legend says that an old lady “perches” on the fishermen’s bicycles, when they go fishing at night, on the road to Los Sábalos.


Although in recent times people do not believe in paranormal events, this legend has passed from generation to generation in this municipality.

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