Will same-sex marriage ever become legal in Sinaloa?


Representatives could be facing jail if they refuse to pass same-sex marriage bill.

“The amparo law( injunction) marks that maximum penalty for not attending a human rights verdict,” said the leader of the Committee on Sexual Diversity

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- “For the sanction established by the Amparos Law in article 267, which specifies a penalty of up to 10 years in prison for contempt, they expect local congressmen to vote in favor of reforming articles 40 and 165 of the Family Code of Sinaloa to allow same sex marriages in the state”, said Tiago Ventura.

Tiago Ventura, leader of the Committee on Sexual Diversity in the state of Sinaloa

The leader of the Committee on Sexual Diversity in Sinaloa said that the statements of some “diputados” that will hold their vote against, is due to the lack of knowledge that the sentence cannot be ignored.

“And the amparo law in article 267 that there can be a penalty from disqualification up to 10 years if they do not comply. We are talking about up to 10 years in prison. We hope they will reconsider and vote favorably this time,” Tiago Ventura stated.

Ventura confirmed that local religious groups filed the appeal for review of the ruling. He stated that despite the human rights of members of religious groups are never violated, but the rights of those who make up the community of sexual diversity are always violated.

The Mazatlan Post