SAT is Verifying Compliance with Tax Requirements on Rental Income.


SAT, the Secretary of Attention to Taxpayers, the equivalent of the US – IRS, Internal Revenue Service, and Canada’s CRA Canadian Revenue Agency, is reviewing social media sites, including Air BnB and VRBO, to determine who is offering property for rent and who is receiving unreported income.

The evasion of tax is a criminal offense. Articles 150 to 178 of the Fiscal Code provide for imprisonment of up to six years for evasion of taxes. Not only is it a criminal offense but the taxpayer must pay the past due taxes and very substantial interest penalties which amount to 1.3% per month, compounded. Unless taxes and accrued penalties are paid in a timely manner the property can be seized and put up for auction. Additionally, in a reform of Article 118 of the Fiscal Code, no landlord may demand payment of past due rent in the courts without submitting proof of tax compliance.

The Mexican government has decreed that income generated from the rent of a Mexican property is due and payable in Mexico, regardless of where the income is received. And it is getting very serious in its efforts to collect this tax and to punish those who evade payment, whether through intention or ignorance. SAT has determined ignorance is not a legitimate excuse. This growing issue and omission now represents a glaring 1% of Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product. Mexican authorities are anxious to correct this shortfall.

There are programs in place for both Residents in Mexico and Non-Residents of Mexico, to declare and pay the lawful taxes which include both the tax on income (ISR) and, in the case of a unfurnished rental, the 16% added value tax (IVA). Realistically there is no way to legally avoid declaring and payment of these taxes. To continue to evade this responsibility will put the affected property at risk.

And the good news, due to Mexico’s tax treaties with 32 countries, double taxation is never an issue.

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