Mexico vacation and luxury real estate rental development expands


The great tourist development of the Mexican Caribbean this 2019, continues to promote the expansion of luxury real estate projects especially in Cancun and mainly in Puerto Cancun, the residential area of ​​extreme luxury.

Recently the projects were presented: RIVA, WOHA Green New Living both with a tendency to a vacation rental, NIDO offices, La Amada in Playa Mujeres and the exclusive Italian interior design shop Five Senses.

In this regard, the president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Cancun chapter, Tayde Favela, said that tourism is the engine of the real estate sector and that the latter maintains its construction trend, so this 2020 warns positive despite recession prospects in the United States.

“The continuous presence of these investments of various types and the big plus developments are a sign of the positive trend,” he said.

WOHA Green New Living, is a project of small, highly sustainable departments in Puerto Cancun, under the philosophy of committing to evolve and respect the environment.

The project will be developed on an area of ​​9,000 m2 of land with 55,000 m2 of construction and will have a significant return on investment, not only for the area in which Puerto Cancun is located but because they can be used for vacation rentals if their owners want it.

The axis of WOHA’s design was to create a module of small, accessible and efficient departments, and from there develop the whole in general. Therefore, its meticulous design was entrusted to a firm that had experience in European functionality on space efficiency, and the prestigious firm of SANZ PONT ARQUITECTURA was hired, with offices in Barcelona, ​​the United States and Mexico, winner of a without number of international design awards, among them, the one awarded by the World Designer Ranking, in 2017 in Milan Italy.

RIVA in Puerto Cancun is a METRIC project, it is developed in a land that is at the epicenter of a real estate revival in Cancun, Puerto Cancun, which with its marina, a square, a golf course, a hotel, and many more concepts, It is one of the most complete places that exist.

It is a low-density building with a lot of quality, with a very different product vision that had special materials, the orientation of the departments, with the same view for everyone. In addition, it is the first LEED-certified residential building in southeastern Mexico.

LEED is an international sustainability certification that for METRIC is a quality test, by submitting to a respected authority with defined parameters.

Nido is a project with an avant-garde design consisting of 4 thousand square meters of commercial rent, distributed in the first 2 levels and 13 thousand square meters of luxury offices for sale, distributed in the next 4 levels. It has unique amenities in the Cancun market, spectacular views, and a privileged location to be in Puerto Cancun.

La Amada is a private community with 215 luxury residences distributed in eight buildings. Located in the resort area of ​​Playa Mujeres, the new hotel development center. La Amada offers access to a world-class golf club, a marina, and its own private beach; all 12km north of Cancun.

After more than 10 years of experience in CDMX, the Five Senses interior design office was installed in Cancun in a space of 380 m2 where it presents its Italian furniture and decoration of the highest level.

The space is born of the requirement to communicate a new and refined philosophy, made of sober lines covered with quality and luxury, concept of the designer Domenico De Palo, who conceptualized the showroom as an apartment, decorated with Italian brands of the highest quality such as Rugiano, Antonio Lupi, TM Italia, and Presotto, which perfectly mark each environment that is covered, starting with the lobby, anteroom, main room, dining room and ending with the intimate areas of the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. Each with the finest and most detailed touch of the brands represented.

Real estate sector maintains growth with places such as Grand Outlet Malltertainment Riviera Maya

Grand Outlet Malltertainment Riviera Maya

“Along with the sector that is growing along with tourism throughout the state is the real estate, which maintains sustained growth and there are more projects, such as shopping malls, one of the most important projects is the Grand Outlet Malltertainment Riviera Maya, located in Puerto Morelos, ”said Bernardo Cueto, head of the Directorate for Development and Financing of the State of Quintana Roo (IDEFIN).

Above all, we need these investments to be directed towards urban regulations and be respectful of the environment and the urban norms of the municipality and state. One of the most important projects that are built in the state is the square.

The state government seeks to accompany these types of investments to align with Urban development plans, align to environmental standards and we can continue to have this great tourist and real estate offer in the state, such as the Grand Outlet Malltertainment Riviera Maya, which is built near Puerto Morelos.

This project will have an investment of 6 billion pesos, by Grupo Gicsa on an area of ​​250 thousand square meters on the Cancun-Playa del Carmen highway, which they project will be the second-largest shopping center in the country.
It is worth mentioning that one of the partners of the project is the Chapur family, owner of the land where this commercial complex will be built, which are located just in front of the Moon Palace hotel, five minutes from the Cancun International Airport in the area of ​​greater capital gain of Puerto Morelos ( Grupo Gicsa will invest 6 thousand million pesos in a shopping center located in Riviera Maya ).

Abraham Cababie Daniel, general director of the group, informed during the event that of the total area, 90,000 m2 will be the commercial supply area where artificial lakes will be created which alone will cover 80,000 m2.

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