Due to freezing temperatures mayor of Concordia Sinaloa seeks winter supports for inhabitants of the mountains


Felipe Garzón said that before Christmas they made a delivery by Sedesol, but there were communities left to attend

Due to the decrease in temperatures in recent days, in the municipality of Concordia, they prepare for the delivery of winter supports through the Ministry of Social Development of the State of Sinaloa.

José Felipe Garzón López, the municipal president, said that despite the climatic conditions that prevail in the highlands of the mountains, since before Christmas they gave support to the families of several communities, however, they are still pending in towns such as Cópala, the Macaw and the Cuatantal.

“So right now an effort is being made in state government to be able to send these types of materials and be able to personally climb these villages. In Concordia we do not have snow report, yes rains, yes decrease of temperatures and therefore it is necessary to be permanently pending of the population ”.

He mentioned that Civil Protection reports do not point to the fall of snow in the upper part of the municipality, but of rains and a considerable decrease in temperatures, so it is important that attention be paid to the inhabitants of the populations.

Garzón López said that he seeks to give support through blankets, food, cardboard sheets in communities where the cold sticks more, for which from this day he re-established communication with Ricardo Madrid to request supplies for the cold.

Source: linea directa

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